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Entry #1

Finally here.

2016-11-15 13:59:41 by EdSchafer

So.. after all I managed to finish a little sequence called "The KoS-Player" which you can see now on the portal-page. Hopefully I'll get some feedback. Would be nice to read what you guys think of my style.

Here's the direct link if you're interested:

This little sequence took me about two to three days (inbetween the stuff I have to do for university/living/my cat) and it's always nice to have small idead to start with. I had like about 2-3 projects wich I had to drop because I realized that a whole web series is a little bit too much for a single person if you want to release ar regular intervals. Maybe I could have learned this lesson also by watching Star-Barians by the amazing Mr. Partridge... :D

Anyway, if you like my style and have some Ideas for a coop-mode, let me know. Cannot promise to have time for everything, but I can promise to have a look and answer :)




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2016-12-14 09:07:40

Looks promising, will check it out in a moment. And welcome to NG! Hope you enjoy your time here.