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Net Neutrality (new video)

2017-08-30 10:05:44 by EdSchafer

Hey Freaks,

So there's this new short I uploaded to the portal, called 'net neutrality' you can see here:

Inspiration for this clip came a month ago, when I saw Tom Fulps post about net neutrality and tried to visualize it in my brain. Helpfully I was reading the VR-adventure saga Otherland at that time (and still am) so I could give it a try in a mixed 2D/3D aesthetic.

I somehow liked the style, so maybe there's gonna be more of that. Oh and it was a collaborating debut for me, so thanks for voice actor KingCrowleyVA for helping out.

anyway, enjoy!


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2017-08-30 11:50:20

i dug the video dude, keep up the great work!

EdSchafer responds:

Thanks man, there will be more to come!